PiDay 2022 crossword puzzle

So soon? Yes, it is that time of year again — PiDay, namely Mar 14 (from 3/14 in North American date notation) is less than two weeks away. Continuing a long tradition on the Math Scholar blog, we present a custom-constructed crossword puzzle to commemorate the occasion.

This year’s puzzle commemorates a well-known pi-related theorem, one of the most beautiful facts in mathematics, which was originally discovered in the 18th century. The theorem is stated, in full, in the completed puzzle (see clues 20A, 30A and 44A).

My spouse and one daughter, who solved the puzzle, agreed that in terms of difficulty, this would rank as Tuesday or Wednesday on The New York Times scale (Monday = easiest; Saturday = most challenging).

As in the past, a gift (highly appropriate for this year’s puzzle) will be awarded to the first two solvers (within the U.S.; past recipients not eligible). Just send a photo of the solved puzzle to the author. The first few solvers will be noted here.

If you would like the puzzle on a separate page for printout, it is available Here.

Congratulations to these solvers: Neil Calkin (Clemson University, USA); Gerard Joseph (IBM, Australia); Ross Blocher (Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast, Los Angeles).

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