Pi Day 2024 crossword puzzle

Yes, Pi Day (March 14), that day of mathematical trivia and pie-eating, is almost here again.

As is the custom on this site, we present below a crossword puzzle constructed on a theme of mathematics, computing and the digits of pi. Enjoy!

This puzzle has been constructed in conformance with New York Times crossword puzzle standards. In terms of overall difficulty, my mathematician daughter and my genealogist spouse agreed that it would likely rate as a Tuesday (the New York Times grades its puzzles, with Monday puzzles being the easiest and Saturday puzzles being the most challenging).

As was the custom with past years’ puzzles here, a pi-themed prize will be rewarded to the first two persons who submit correctly completed puzzles (US only; past recipients are eligible). This year’s choices are: a Digits of pi coffee mug, a Pi Day T-shirt, or a Pi Bracelet.

As of this date (2 Mar 2024), correct solutions have been submitted by Neil Calkin, Michael Coons, Gerard Joseph, Ross Blocher and Morgan Marshall. If you wish to be credited here as a solver of the puzzle, please send the author an email (see DHB site for email).

If you wish to print the puzzle, the PNG file is available HERE.

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