PiDay 2023 crossword puzzle

So soon? Yes, it is that time of year again — PiDay (March 14) is just a few days away. In honor of this mathematical holy day, we present once again a crossword puzzle with an appropriate pi-related theme.

This year’s puzzle implements a new design for a mathematical crossword, which to the present author’s knowledge has never before been employed. See, for example, clue 40 Across below. In all respects, though, the puzzle conforms to the standards of New York Times crosswords. In terms of overall difficulty (Monday = easiest; Saturday = most difficult), this puzzle most likely would be given a “Tuesday” rating.

As is the usual custom, a pi-related gift will be sent to the first two solvers (U.S. only; previous year winners are eligible), chosen from this selection: Gift A, Gift B, or Gift C. Additional solvers will also be recognized here (send email if you would like to be listed). The solution must be correct (ok, one or two minor errors will be forgiven).

[Added 16 Mar 2023:] Neil Calkin, Eliza Gallagher, Summer Barron, Chris Lohmann, Ross Blocher, Gerard Joseph, Michelle Sidwell, Morgan Marshall and Jeanmarie Gardner have reported solutions.

A full-sized copy of the puzzle, suitable for printing is HERE.

Here is the puzzle:

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