PiDay 2021 crossword puzzle

Yes, it is that time of year — Pi Day (March 14, or 3/14 in North American month/day date notation) is approaching. So in honor of the occasion, I have constructed a new crossword puzzle — see below. This puzzle employs a certain pi-related feature that will become evident as you solve it.

This puzzle conforms to the New York Times crossword conventions. As far as difficulty level, it would be comparable to the NYT Tuesday or Wednesday puzzles (the NYT puzzles are graded each week from Monday [easiest] to Saturday [most difficult]).

If you would like a full-page version of the puzzle suitable for printout, click here: FULL-PAGE VERSION.

A pi-themed gift will be awarded to the first two persons who send me a correct solution (U.S. only). See HERE for contact information.

[23 Feb 2021:] Congratulations to Neil Calkin (Clemson University)! He sent a correct solution within one hour after the puzzle posted.

[3 Mar 2021:] Congratulations to Ross Blocher (cohost of the Oh No, Ross and Carrie podcast) and Morgan Marshall (Stanford Sierra Camp), both of whom have sent correct solutions.

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