A Pi Day crossword puzzle

Once again Pi Day (March 14, or 3/14 in North American notation) is here, a day when both professional mathematicians and students alike celebrate this most famous of mathematical numbers.

San Francisco’s Exploratorium is featuring several events, culminating with a “Pi Procession” at 1:59pm Pacific Time (corresponding to 3.14159) and pie served at 2:15pm. The website teachpi.org lists 50 ideas to make Pi Day “entertaining, educational, tasty and fun.”

For this year’s Pi Day festivities, the Math Scholar blog presents a Pi Day crossword puzzle (see below), created by the present author. We will announce the first correct solver! Send a photo of your completed puzzle to the email given at the top right of the author’s home page.

[Added 15 Mar 2019: I am pleased to announce that Ross Blocher, co-host of the popular podcast “Oh no, Ross and Carrie!”, has posted the first correct solution. Congratulations, Ross!]

Here is the solution: PDF.

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