Jonathan Borwein Commemorative Conference

We are pleased to announce the Jonathan M. Borwein Commemorative Conference, which will be held 25-29 September 2017 in Newcastle, Australia.

The conference will focus on the five areas of Jonathan’s Borwein’s research:

  1. Applied analysis, optimisation and convex functions. Chairs: Regina Burachik and Guolin Li.
  2. Education. Chairs: Judy-anne Osborn and Namoi Borwein.
  3. Experimental mathematics and visualization. Chair: David H. Bailey.
  4. Financial mathematics. Chair: Qiji (Jim) Zhu.
  5. Number theory, special functions and pi. Chair: Richard Brent.

A total of 36 speakers will give presentations.

The meeting will be held at Noah’s on the Beach in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, which is not far from the University of Newcastle, where Professor Borwein spent the last eight years of his career.

For additional information, see the JBCC Conference website.

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